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The Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research (KTRR) visited the Kennedy Institute in early October. The Institute benefits extensively from the generous support of the KTRR and the visit was a great opportunity to share stories of our scientific successes and discuss future directions.

A group of people look at scientific research posters and chat. In the foreground are some brightly coloured pom-poms to demonstrate a scientific engagement activity,

The Kennedy Institute was delighted to welcome KTRR trustees and staff for a packed day of scientific discussion within the Institute. KTRR-funded DPhil students presented posters explaining their doctoral journeys so far and how KTRR funds have enabled their research into human health and disease. This included an opportunity to see the Gut Florists display that some of the students took to the Glastonbury Festival this year. The KTRR updated Kennedy staff and researchers on some exciting new developments, including their collaboration with the Wellcome Trust to archive materials from the development of anti-TNFα therapies so that the story can preserved for future access. The KTRR also introduced new trustees who have recently joined the board. In addition, the gathering presented an opportunity for strategic and financial meeting as well as a regular KTRR board meeting.

Professor Dame Fiona Powrie, Director of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, said: ‘Hosting the KTRR Trustees is always a stimulating day and it is a wonderful opportunity for our students and early career researchers to interact with such engaged visitors. Our long-term strategic partnership with the KTRR enables our ambitious discovery and clinical research programme. Their generous support enables our researchers to push the boundaries of research into inflammatory and immune disorders.’

Dr Stephen Simpson, CEO of the KTRR, said of the visit: ‘This was a wonderful opportunity for Trustees to see the work of the Institute first hands and to meet the staff and students who deliver world-class research supported by the Kennedy Trust.  Our Trustees are hugely supportive of the impressive scientific output of the Institute, through partnership of the Trust with Oxford University.’

Many thanks to the KTRR for an engaging day of scientific discussion!

The archive collection documenting the development of anti-TNFα therapies is now live, and can be found at the Wellcome Collection: The Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research | Wellcome Collection