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The University of Oxford has awarded the title of Associate Professor to Kennedy researchers Tal Arnon and Marco Fritzsche.

The titles have been conferred in recognition of excellence in research and teaching.

Dr Tal Arnon’s research explores mechanisms that regulate immune cell trafficking and B cell mediated immunity. She joined the Kennedy Institute in 2013 on the Institute’s Career Development Programme supported by a Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research (KTRR) Senior Research Fellowship, and her lab also received funding from the Wellcome Trust.

Dr Marco Fritzsche research focuses on biophysics and mechanobiology and the impact they have on the human immune system. For this mission, his lab is developing state-of-the-art quantitative methodologies to advance the study of living immune cells. He holds a joint appointment between the Kennedy Institute and the Rosalind Franklin Institute supported by the KTRR.

Tal and Marco were two of seven senior researchers at NDORMS awarded the Associate Professor title, together with three NDORMS researchers awarded the title of University Research Lecturer.

NDORMS Head of Department Professor Andrew Carr commented: “These titles of distinction are justly deserved and recognise a significant and sustained contribution to research by all concerned. I am delighted to be able to pass my personal congratulations."