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From Laboratory to Clinic is an annual translational research conference established in 1984. It is organised by an international committee led by past and present Directors of the Kennedy Institute, Profs Sir Marc Feldmann, Sir Ravinder Maini and Fiona Powrie. The meeting brings together basic scientists, clinicians, and industry researchers to explore how the latest discoveries in immunology and molecular medicine can be applied to improve clinical medicine.


  • Imaging
  • IFN and cytokines
  • Environment and Microbiome
  • Stem cells, ageing and repair
  • Macrophages, microglia and disease
  • Immunology


  • Emma Allen-Vercoe (University of Guelph, CA)
  • Tal Arnon (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Petter Brodin (Karolinska Institute, SWE)
  • Joshua Brody (Icahn School of Medicine, USA)
  • Mark Coles (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Daniel Davis (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Mark Davis (Stanford, USA)
  • Michael Dustin (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Eran Elinav (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
  • Gillian Griffiths (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Thibault Griseri (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Stephen Holgate  (University of Southampton, UK)
  • Tracy Hussell (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Bo Jing (Oxford Nanoimaging, UK)
  • Kara Lassen (Roche, CHE)
  • Vanda Lennon (Mayo Clinic, USA)
  • Dan Littman (New York University, USA)
  • Lydia Lynch (Harvard Medical School, USA)
  • Clare Lloyd (Imperial College, US)
  • Helen McShane (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Miriam Merad (Icahn School of Medicine, USA)
  • Andy Minn (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Anne O’Garra (Francis Crick Institute, UK)
  • Alison Simmons (University of Oxford, UK)
  • John O’Shea (NIAMS NIH, USA)
  • Wenjun Ouyang (Amgen, USA)
  • Virginia Pascual (Weill Cornell Medical College, USA)
  • Josef Penninger (University of British Columbia, CA)
  • Jeff Ravetch (Rockefeller University, USA)
  • Anne Schaefer (Icahn School of Medicine, USA)
  • David Schubert (Roche, CHE)
  • Gavin Screaton (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Jessica Strid (Imperial College London, UK)
  • Alexander Tarakhovsky (Rockefeller University, USA)
  • Gabriel Victora (Rockefeller University, USA)


  • Marc Feldmann (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Vincenzo Cerundolo (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Thomas Daniel (Celgene, USA)
  • Ravinder Maini (Imperial College London, UK)
  • Andrew McMichael (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Fiona Powrie (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Lawrence Steinman (Stanford University, USA)
  • Jim Woody (Latterell Venture Partners, USA)


The 2019 From Laboratory to Clinic Meeting will take place at Trinity College, University of Oxford, from Tuesday 3rd September, 2019 to Friday 6th September, 2019. Registration includes three nights bed and breakfast accommodation at Trinity College, as well as lunches, dinners, and a banquet meal on Thursday 5th September.

For more details about registration please contact  Philippa Wells.


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