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OCMS Internal Pump Priming call

With the support of the NIHR Oxford BRC, the Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies is offering an Internal Pump Priming Fund (IPPF) to support microbiome research across the University. 

The scheme offers small awards of £5,000-10,000 (exceptionally up to £20,000) and will enable researchers to fund pilot projects or further support existing projects on human microbiome profiling by providing access to technologies and integrative analyses required (e.g. sequencing, metabolomics and bioinformatics analysis, anaerobic culturing). 

The application dead-line is on Friday 15 November, 2019.

Remit and scope

Projects will need to demonstrate a focus on human microbiome research.

We particularly welcome projects in the following areas, but will consider others;

1.      Anti-microbial resistance 

2.      Infectious diseases

3.      Vaccinology

4.      Gut-brain axis

Applications should aim to demonstrate the advantages that the OCMS IPPF award will provide in advancing the project and facilitating for example, microbiome and metabolome integrative analysis.  Projects can aim to generate preliminary data or build on existing research. Projects should be no longer than 12 months duration (need to be completed by December 2020, therefore Ethical approval must already be in place). A potential translational outcome would be particularly welcome.    


Researchers at all levels within the University of Oxford are encouraged to apply. 

All projects will be considered on individual merit.

How to apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the OCMS in advance to discuss projects and to ensure accurate costings are submitted. 

Application forms request information about lead applicant and any co-applicants, a lay summary, a financial breakdown of your proposal (X5 format not required), evidence of Ethical approval where needed and a case for support. 

You must incorporate all requested components of the case for support into one document. Please append a one-page CV for each applicant and co-applicant.


Please E-mail for enquires and to submit your application. 


Please Download Application form here

Download OCMS IPPF call here