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Paula Colmenero

IAMC Scientific Project Manager

As a Scientific Project Manager, I manage and coordinate the activities of the IAMC, an international research consortium studying the role of the microbiome in inflammatory Arthritis. In addition, I coordinate a growing portfolio of projects as part of the newly established Oxford Centre for Microbiome Studies (OCMS), based at the Kennedy Institute. In this role, I work closely with academic scientists, clinical researchers and external collaborators to bring the projects forward.

My background is in immunology, with a PhD from the Karolinska Institute studying viral vectors for tumour Immunotherapy; and a postdoc at Stanford University investigating the cross-talk between DC and NK cells. I then moved into Industry and eventually joined Novo-Nordisk, Denmark as a translational scientist. This brought me to Oxford, as part of the NN-research partnership with the Kennedy Institute, running target validation assays for Arthritis drug candidates.