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Jennifer Swettenham

Clinical Trial Manager

I am a Clinical Trial Manager working with Professor Nanchahal’s research group investigating disorders of localised fibrosis. I primarily work on Dupuytren’s disease – a fibrotic condition in which affected fingers irreversibly curl towards the palm.

I manage both sections of the RIDD trial – Repurposing antI-TNF to treat Dupuytren’s Disease. The first part of this study is examining the cellular changes produced by anti-TNF in human Dupuytren’s tissue. The second part of the study is investigating whether periodic injection with anti-TNF can halt or slow the progression of Dupuytren’s in patients with early stage disease. The RIDD trial is funded by the Department of Health and Wellcome through the Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) Fund.

We are also currently developing a questionnaire-based study of Dupuytren’s disease in the community (DISCO), and a clinical trial for treating Frozen Shoulder (Anti-Freaze).

Prior to working at NDORMS, I was the Infectious Diseases Trial Co-ordinator at the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit (University of Oxford). There I worked on drug trials that aimed to treat conditions such as sore throat and influenza and to reduce antibiotic use in primary care.

My background is in neuroscience and I have more than ten years’ experience of running human behavioural and neuroimaging (magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)) studies. As Research Facilitator at OHBA (Oxford centre for Human Brain Activity, University of Oxford), I helped researchers develop their studies, obtain regulatory approvals and trained them to operate the neuroimaging equipment. My own research was mainly on visual processing, but I worked on many studies covering a wide range of cognitive processes in both the healthy and non-typical brain.

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