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Jehan Afrose

Honorary Departmental Research Assistant working with Prof. Michael Dustin and Dr Elke Kurz

Protein library for translation of the immunological synapse

I obtained by B.S. in Biotechnology from CUNY in 2008 and then worked as a Research Technician at Columbia University in NY gaining experience in molecular biology and protein purification and co-authored two papers on transposases. I joined the Dustin lab in 2011 as part of the Nanomedicine Center for Mechanical Biology and learned how to generate MHC class II molecules and adhesion molecules in insect cell expression systems. I also gained experience in immunochemistry including antibody purification, fragmentation, and labelling with fluorescent dyes.

Here at the Kennedy Institute, I am working on the Translation of the immunological synapse project supported by Welcome Trust funding. My work involves establishing a protein library representing co-stimulatory molecules for antigen presenting cells (APC) which ultimately leading to the activation of T lymphocytes. My aim is to establish a general method to construct and expressing the co-stimulatory molecules. With that established method, approximately 96 new proteins will be produced in conjunction with the Oxford Protein Production Facility in Harwell.