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Hanlin Zhang

Postdoctoral Researcher


Ageing is an extremely complex process involving degeneration of multiple systems. It is inevitable (unless accidental death at young age) and is a major risk factor for age-related diseases. Several molecular pathways (e.g. mTOR, AMPK, IIS/FOXO) have been described to regulate ageing at both the cellular level and the organismal level, and autophagy is a key downstream effector mediating their effects. Using immune system (immune senescence) as the model, my project studies:

a) The change of autophagy with age across the haematopoietic system;

b) If the autophagy inducer spermidine can rejuvenate adaptive immune responses in old mice;

c) Since spermidine is an endogenous cellular polyamine metabolite, a conserved pathway regulating autophagy and ageing may exist behind this small molecule.

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