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Benjamin Hamid

Research Technician

I have been working at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology since August 2016 as a research technician within the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis. In this role I am primarily working with Dr Fiona Watt and Prof Tonia Vincent on a project examining potential molecular biomarkers of cartilage regeneration. This study involves the quantification of a range of putative biomarkers, in synovial fluid collected by collaborators in Utrecht from patients before and after surgical distraction of the knee. My role in the project includes validation and optimisation of ELISAs and ECLIAs for the measurement of potential biomarker proteins, the collection of this data, and initial statistical analysis. In addition to my work on this project I also provide help with other studies within the clinical translation theme, including KICK, OxKIC, and MenTOR.

Prior to commencing this post I worked in a high-throughput diagnostic laboratory at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. In this role I worked within the molecular cytogenetics team, primarily preparing large numbers of patient samples for DNA microarray analysis and conducting fluorescent in-situ hybridisation. Before this, I completed my MSc in biotechnology at Nottingham Trent University, working on a molecular microbiology-based project examining Escherichia coli cell division.