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Ana Laura Chiodetti

Postdoctoral Researcher in T-Cell Biology

I graduated in Biochemistry at the National University of La Plata, Argentina where I worked for two years on the study of potential early markers for acute cellular rejection in patients with small bowell transplant under the supervision of Dr. Martín Rumbo. I next continue to work at the Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology Institute of the National University of Córdoba, Argentina where I obtained my PhD in immunology characterizing a vaccine adjuvant formulation platform for CpG-ODN based on an ester of ascorbyl palmitate in coagel phase. In 2016, I  was awarded with a BECAR-Fulbright scholarship to finished my thesis at La Jolla Institute of Immunology and Allergy in San Diego, California under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Schoenberger focusing mainly in the characterization and development of a strong CD8+ T cell response using a purified protein as antigen. During my PhD I also worked as an assistant professor in Human Histology and Anatomy at the Biochemistry School of the National University of Cordoba for 5 years. 

I joined Dr. Gerard´s Gropp at The Kennedy Institute in October 2018 to study how the different microenvironments that developed during an immune response affect the differentiation of different affinity CD8 T cells into memory. It is my main interest to continue to elucidate the mechanisms that contribute to the development of CD8 T cells into an efficient memory response in order to help in the design of more efficient next generation vaccines.