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Nigel Arden

Professor in Rheumatic Diseases

Tal Arnon

Kennedy Trust of Rheumatology Research (KTRR) Senior Research Fellow

Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic

KTRR Senior Research Fellow

Mark Coles

Senior Research Fellow and new group leader

Lynn Dustin

Professor of Immunology and Virology

Sir Marc Feldmann FRS

Emeritus Professor

Audrey Gérard

KTRR Senior Research Fellow

Thibault Griseri

University Research Lecturer and Arthritis Research UK Career Development Fellow

Nicole Horwood

Associate Professor and ARUK Senior Research Fellow

Yoshi Itoh

Associate Professor and Principal Investigator Cell Migration Group

Luke Jostins

Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research Career Development Fellow

Anjali Kusumbe

Principal Investigator

Ngee Han Lim

KTRR/ARUK Research Fellow

Brian Marsden

Principal Investigator, Research Informatics Group

Kim Midwood

Professor of Matrix Biology

Claudia Monaco

Professor of Cardiovascular Inflammation

Chris Murphy

Group Leader & Kennedy Institute Director of Graduate Studies

Hideaki Nagase

Emeritus Professor

Jagdeep Nanchahal

Professor of Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Jeremy Saklatvala

Emeritus Professor

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Enas Abu Shah

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Jehan Afrose

Honorary Departmental Research Assistant working with Prof. Michael Dustin and ...

David Ahern

Research Associate

Ghada Alsaleh

Postdoctoral Researcher in Immunology and Autophagy

Antonios Apostolopoulos

Research Assistant

Carolina Arancibia

Research Fellow

Carolina Arancibia

Research Fellow

Yoanna Ariosa-Morejon

Daphne Jackson Fellow

Moustafa Attar

Research Associate in Single Cell Genomics

Susan Aungier

Postdoctoral researcher

Warren Baker

Laboratory Research Technician

Stefan Balint

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Molecular Immunology

Cathy Ball


Paul Bowness

Professor of Experimental Rheumatology

India Brough

Research Technician

Cameron Brown

Associate Honorary Professor

Samuel Bullers

Research Assistant

James Butler

Research Fellow in Systems Immunology

Marisa Cabrita

Laboratory Research Assistant

Siobhan Cashman

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

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Zhichao Ai

Dphil student

Hannah Almuttaqi

DPhil Student

Federica Borghese

DPhil Student

Noman Chaudhry

DPhil Student

Agnieszka Chomka

DPhil Student

Isabella Collins

DPhil Student

Laura Collins

DPhil Student

Alastair Lawrence Corbin

Researcher Assistant in Mucosal Immunology

Clarissa Coveney

(Kennedy prize studentship) DPhil

Sara Danielli

dphil student

Philippos Demetriou

DPhil Student

Fanny Franchini

DPhil Student

Anís Gammage

dphil student

Sean Giblin

DPhil Student

Maria Gomez Vazquez

dphil student

Leo William Edward Hipkiss

DPhil Student

David Izadi

Honorary Departmental Clinical Research Fellow

Kathrin Jansen

DPhil Student

Christina Kassiteridi

Research Assistant

Sumayya Nafisa Khan

DPhil Student

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Francesca Barr

Purchasing Assistant

Maen Bazo

Senior Laboratory and Buildings Assistant

Tiphaine Bouriez-Jones

Kennedy Institute Laboratory Manager

Adrian Brown

Technical Services Manager

Sam Burnell

Graduate Studies Officer

Sara Butler

Executive Assistant to Fiona Powrie

Belen Halcon

Purchasing Assistant

Joasia Hewanicka

Personal Assistant to Prof. Michael Dustin

Charlotte Kerr

OA Centre Administrator

Vinod Kumar

Informatics Manager

Laura Sánchez Lazo

Administrative Assistant

Rachel Li

Administrative Assistant

Abigail Ludlow

Kennedy Receptionist

Leigh Redding

Laboratory and Buildings Assistant

Daniel Stevens

Goods-In and Buildings Assistant

Elizabeth Thompson

Science Writer

Jonathan Truslow

Head of Operations (Kennedy)

Alexander Wong

IT Manager