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Applications for these projects are now closed.

2024 KIR Non Clinical

ID Title Supervisors Phase
NC-2 Genetic determinants of tertiary lymphoid structures formation in solid tumours Daniele Biasci, Christopher Buckley 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-3 Biophysical determinants of cell fate decisions in skin inflammatory diseases Adrien Hallou, Stephen Sansom 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-4 Investigating cross-tissue and cross-disease immune mechanisms using machine learning and AI-powered language learning tools Calliope Dendrou 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-5 Investigating antigen-specific vaccine responsiveness using lymph node single-cell multi-omics in ancestrally diverse populations Calliope Dendrou, Mark Coles 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-6 The role of vascular macrophages in cardiovascular health and disease Claudia Monaco, Inhye Park 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-7 The role of immunity in cardiovascular disease Claudia Monaco, Lea Dib 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-11 Unravelling functional cartilage repair in osteoarthritis: a multidisciplinary approach Tonia Vincent, Linyi Zhu, Thomas Perry 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-15 Genomic landscape of neutrophil states in inflammation: morphology, behaviour, function, and interactions Irina Udalova, Abhinandan Deva Prasad 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-18 Investigating the Microbiome as a Driver of Inflammation and Growth Following Acute Illness Jethro Johnson, Holm Uhlig 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-19 A spatial-transcriptomics based investigation of a gut origin for Ankylosing Spondylitis Stephen Sansom, Fiona Powrie FRS, Adrien Hallou 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-8 Targeting cytokine variants for improved control of inflammatory disease Kim Midwood, Fiona Powrie FRS, Holm Uhlig 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-1 Neuroimmune regulation of lung immunity Fränze Progatzky, Tal Arnon 2024 KIR Non Clinical
MRC-2 Cross-tissue and cross-disease immunometabolic landscape characterisation at single-cell resolution* Calliope Dendrou, Holm Uhlig 2024 KIR Non Clinical
MRC-1 Neutrophil subset behaviour in vascular and tissue microenvironment: organ-on-a-chip* Irina Udalova 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-20 Understanding the tissue biology of thyroid eye disease Alex Clarke, Christopher Buckley 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-9 Roles and mechanism of cytoskeletal filaments coordination in immunity and cell migration Yoshi Itoh, Michael Dustin 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-10 Quantifying the mechanosensation of T-cell activation exploiting advanced force probing technologies Marco Fritzsche, Michael Dustin 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-12 Identifying drivers of immune-mediated disease risk and therapeutic targets via multi-omics integration Yang Luo, Tonia Vincent 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-13 Regulation of Treg localisation during infection Audrey Gérard 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-14 The kynurenine pathway and chronic inflammatory disease Richard Williams, Claudia Monaco, Trevor Stone, Felix Clanchy 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-16 Granulopoiesis: chromatin topology and associated functions Irina Udalova, Ananda Kishore Mukherjee 2024 KIR Non Clinical
NC-17 Host microbe cross talk in the intestine in health and disease Fiona Powrie FRS, Jethro Johnson, Rebecca Jeffery 2024 KIR Non Clinical