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Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

ID Title Supervisors Phase
#RACE5 Decoding the genetic architecture of inflammatory arthritis at the single-cell level Stephen Sansom, Paul Bowness, Luke Jostins 2020 KIR RACE
#202007 Interrogating the role of vascular microenvironments during T cell development Anjali Kusumbe, Michael Dustin 2020
#202008 Elucidation of chemokine-receptor structure and signalling pathways to develop novel therapeutics Jagdeep Nanchahal 2020
#202009 A single-cell genomics based investigation of spondyloarthritis Stephen Sansom, Paul Bowness 2020
#202010 Are metabolites generated by the microbiota key to a young immune system? Anna Katharina (Katja) A Simon, Fiona Powrie FRS, Ghada Alsaleh 2020
#202011 Molecular regulation of neutrophil responses in inflammation Irina Udalova, Mark Coles 2020
#202012 Targeting Notch signaling to treat osteoarthritis pain Tonia Vincent, Anjali Kusumbe 2020
#202013 Molecular and clinical prediction of osteoarthritis risk after knee joint injury Fiona Watt, Luke Jostins, Tonia Vincent 2020
#RACE6 A computational framework for multi-plex imaging multi-omic analysis of human joint in rheumatoid arthritis Mark Coles 2020 KIR RACE
#202015 Supramolecular attack particles in infectious and autoimmune disease Michael Dustin, Audrey Gérard, Stefan Balint 2020
#202016 Investigating the role of myeloid – stromal interaction in therapy refractory IBD patients Fiona Powrie FRS, Mathilde Pohin, Mark Coles 2020
#202001 Transcriptional regulation of antibody responses; implications for protective immunity and disease development Tal Arnon, Irina Udalova 2020
#202002 How does metabolism reprogram the immune system in autoimmunity? Alex Clarke, Michael Dustin 2020
#202003 Role of Extracellular Matrix Modulation on Lymph Node Function: A Novel Regulator of Immune Responses. Mark Coles, Kim Midwood, Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic 2020
#202004 Supramolecular attack particles in infectious and autoimmune disease Michael Dustin, Lynn Dustin, Stefan Balint 2020
#202005 Investigation of microenvironment signals that lead into cartilage degradation in rheumatoid arthritis Yoshi Itoh, Richard Williams 2020
#202006 T cell receptor binding affinity and immune activation in chronic inflammatory disease Luke Jostins, Michael Dustin 2020
#202014 Autoreactive B cells in Sjögren’s syndrome Lynn Dustin, Christopher Buckley 2020
#RACE4 Effect of MT1-MMP SNP in the progression of rheumatoid arthritis Yoshi Itoh, Dominic Furniss 2020 KTPS-RACE