Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

The deadline for applications is on Friday 8 January 2021, 12 noon (UK time), for entry in October 2021.

ID Title Internal supervisors Phase
KTPS-RACE-1 Effect of low collagenolytic SNP variant MT1-MMP in the progression of rheumatoid arthritis Christopher Buckley, Dominic Furniss 2021 RACE
KTPS-RACE-2 Decoding the genetic architecture of inflammatory arthritis at the single-cell level Stephen Sansom, Paul Bowness, Luke Jostins 2021 RACE
KTPS-RACE-3 Did the evolution of tool usage condemn humans to rheumatoid arthritis: Comparative analysis of the DIP and PIP joints in arthritic disease Mark Coles, Christopher Buckley 2021 RACE