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© 2017, Chemical Publishing Co. All rights reserved. The development of functional T- and B-cells from the thymocytes is a crucial step in development of functional immune system and the organs like spleen, kidney and thymus are vital sites to study the lymphatic proteins. Different lymphatic proteins isolated from teleosts but still a little bit known about these proteins. Estimation of proteins from tilapia was done first time in Pakistan. Isolation of lymphatic proteins was performed after tissue rupturing and all the cellular debris was removed. The determined average comparative quantitative estimation of lymphatic proteins concentrations in 6 months tenure in male tilapia's organs was as testes (8.705 mg/mL) > kidney (7.577 mg/mL) > gills (7.556 mg/mL) > spleen (7.455 mg/mL) > alimentary canal (7.243 mg/mL) and in female tilapia as ovaries (9.098 mg/mL) > kidney (7.742 mg/mL) > spleen (7.548 mg/mL) > gills (7.532 mg/mL) > alimentary canal (6.920 mg/mL). High concentration of protein was investigated in reproductive organs (testes, 9.41 mg/mL and ovaries, 9.82 mg/mL) in both sexes.

Original publication




Journal article


Asian Journal of Chemistry

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1291 - 1295