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Over the decades, isotope-dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) has been implemented extensively for accurate quantification of drugs, metabolites and peptides in body fluids and tissues. More recently, it has been extended for quantifying specific proteins in complex mixtures. In this extended methodology, proteins are subjected to endoprotease action and specific resultant peptides are quantified by using synthetic stable isotope-labeled standard (SIS) peptides and IDMS. This article outlines the utilities and applications of quantifying proteins by IDMS, emphasizing its complementary value to global survey-based proteomic studies. The potential of SIS peptides to provide quantitative insights into cell signaling is also highlighted, with specific examples. Finally, we propose several novel mass spectrometric data acquisition strategies for large-scale applications of IDMS and SIS peptides in systems biology and protein biomarker validation studies.

Original publication




Journal article


Expert Rev Proteomics

Publication Date





597 - 610


Animals, Humans, Isotopes, Mass Spectrometry, Protein Processing, Post-Translational, Proteins, Proteomics, Radioisotope Dilution Technique