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Hoxb8 cells are immortalized myeloid progenitors that maintain their multipotent potential and can be differentiated into neutrophils. Genetic modification of Hoxb8 cells can be used as a model system for the functional analysis of regulators of neutrophil maturation and effector functions, such as transcription factors. Here we describe the generation of transcription factor (TF) knockout Hoxb8 cell lines in vitro with the lentivirus (lenti)CRISPR-Cas 9 technique. After their differentiation into neutrophils, the study of their maturation profile, morphology, and effector functions, including NETosis, phagocytosis, and ROS production, is described.

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69 - 86


Functional analysis, Hoxb8 cells, LentiCRISPR/Cas9, Maturation, Morphology, NETosis, Neutrophil, Phagocytosis, ROS production, Transcription factor, Neutrophils, Homeodomain Proteins, Transcription Factors, Reactive Oxygen Species, Cell Differentiation