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Spinning Disk Confocal

PerkinElmer Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Spinning Disk Confocal 


  • PerkinElmer Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope based on Nikon TE 2000-U Eclipse motorized inverted microscope with DIC optics
  • Small chamber for live-cell imaging with temperature control
  • 4 lasers
  • Yokogawa disk scanning unit
  • CCD camera


  • Plan Fluor 10x /NA 0.30 Ph1
  • Plan Fluor 20x/NA 0.45 Ph1
  • Plan 40x/NA 0.65 Ph2 DL
  • S Fluor 40x/NA 1.30 Oil
  • Plan Apo 60x/NA 1.40 Oli DIC H
  • Plan Apo 100x/NA 1.40 Oil Ph 3 


  • CoolLED pE300 for epifluorescent imaging
  • Violet Diode Laser 405 nm
  • Blue Diode Laser 488 nm
  • Green DPSS Laser 561 nm
  • Red Diode Laser 640 nm


  • Yokogawa disk scanning unit
  • Piezo z-stage NanoScan with nanometre precision


  • Hamamatsu CCD Camera (C4742-95-12ERG)


  • Dark incubator chamber with temperature, CO2 control from Tokai Hit


  • Volocity 


We request that publications that include data or analysis performed with the facility include the following acknowledgement- “ We acknowledge the generous support of the Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research for the microscopy facilities used in this research”.

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