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arivis AG (a ZEISS company) partners with Oxford-ZCoE in order to empower researchers with the latest technology and advances in image analysis. Oxford-ZCoE together with its IT infrastructure will host arivis VisionHub, a platform that will allow researchers to have access to image data and image analysis capabilities at any time from any location and any device. VisionHub will represent the nucleus for computational activity and collaboration, will enable the execution of large-scale experiments that require faster access to image analysis and results

arivis logo arivis_Vision4D_logoVision4D


arivis surface rendering of segmented cells.arivis surface rendering of segmented cells.

Head to the arivis website for detailed resources on image analysis applications

Screen shot of Arivis Vision4D in action to produce isosurface renderings.screenshot of arivis storyboard mode

Zeiss Modules and direct processing

  • Zen 3.3 on 3 dedicated analysis machines
  • Zen Lite is also available for your personal computer


  • Basic package
  • Imaris Cell
  • Imaris Coloc
  • Imaris MeasurementPro
  • Imaris Track
  • Imaris Vantage
  • ImarisXT 

We have a full support package with Imaris so if you require support with using the software or analysing a particularly difficult data set, please look out for our workshops or contact the facility.

Other softwares

  • Cellular imaging (Volocity, ImageJ)
  • Whole body imaging (IVIS Reagents, Living Image, Quantum FX, Caliper Analyze)
  • Mathematical programming (Matlab)
  • General Software (Adobe Design 6)


  • Dell Precision T3610 workstations 
  • There is a dedicated analysis machine for the each of the ZEISS 980s and ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7


We request that publications that include data or analysis performed with the facility include the following acknowledgment- "We acknowledge the generous support of the Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research for the microscopy facilities used in this research" and any publication with input from Jacky names him specifically and includes the statement 'We could like to acknowledge Arivis, as well as the Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research, the Oxford-ZEISS Centre of Excellence and the EP Abraham Cephalosporin Trust for supporting the Advanced Image Analyst.'.