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Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan was recently awarded a European Institute of Innovation and Technology Health (EIT Health) PhD transition fellowship. This fellowship programme is designed to address the funding gap students often face between completing their doctoral work and obtaining further funding to develop innovative ideas arising from their studies.

Under the supervision of Dr James Edwards and Prof Tonia Vincent, Pradeep's doctoral work examined the biological processes that increase risk of osteoarthritis during ageing. The transition fellowship will support Pradeep as he explores whether processes affected by ageing can be targeted with drugs to treat osteoarthritis.

Speaking of his award, Pradeep said: 'I am grateful to receive this timely fellowship and hope to build on it. These opportunities really do support final year PhD students during the tricky and difficult interim period between finishing their studies and securing their first funding. I have received this wonderful opportunity and hope other PhD students in the future have the same chance.

The fellowship will support Pradeep as he applies for long-term fellowships and grants.

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